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A Force in Hollywood

Renowned actor, producer, and director, Brett Donowho, has contributed to countless productions over the past two decades. His works include award-winning productions and collaborations with some of the greatest actors of this century. One of his most recent works, Acts of Violence, tells an action-packed tale of human trafficking, featuring the famed Bruce Willis, Hollywood-favorite Cole Hauser, and Sophia Bush.

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  • His notable works include:

Acts of Violence - Director

Salvation – Producer, Director, Star

MGM’s Music Within - Producer & Co-Star

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Throughout the years, Donowho has explored the world for new stories, filming locations, and whatever opportunities the world holds. He’s worked in almost every field of filmmaking and has ventured into the business of Hollywood. While directing, producing, and acting, Donowho still manages to sit on the Board of almost a dozen enterprises to contribute to the growth and innovation of Hollywood. HIs latest business venture, Runaway Planet Content Group, is an innovative collaboration dedicated to pushing the limits of modern Hollywood. Runaway Planet is the ideal combination of groundbreaking creativity and business savvy; the perfect formula for Hollywood success. Brett Donowho is an outstanding actor, producer, director, and creator that has contributed invaluable content to modern Hollywood.

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Salvation (2016) – Starred as David Helms


Directed by Brett Donowho and Bernie Van De Yacht

Starring: Ryan Donowho, Brett Donowho.

Available for streaming on Amazon Prime (subscription only). 

SEAL Patrol (2014) – Starred as Vincent Hightower


Directed by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto

Starring: Eric Roberts, Rich McDonald, Brett Donowho

American Disciples (2011) [re-released in 2019 as American Brothers]

Directed by Kirk D. Anderson

Starring: Matt Dotson, Steven Nelson, and Joshua St. James

The Speak (2011) – Starred as Jackson

Directed by Anthony Pierce

Starring: Kristina Anapau, Tina Casciani, Tom Sizemore, and Brett Donowho

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Mangus! (2011) – Supporting Role as Armyman #2


Written and Directed by Ash Christian

Produced by Ash Christian, Heather Matarazzo, and Simon Millar

Starring: Laura Spencer, John Waters, and Jennifer Coolidge

Scamelot (2011) – Supporting role as Ned

Directed by Joe Dustin

Written by Jeff Brudnok

Produced by Una Jo Blade

Starring: Sam Brudnok, Joe Dustin, and Una Jo Blade

Verdict (2010) – Starred as Prosecutor

Directed by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto and Joshua Ringle

Written by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto

Produced by Brett Donowho

Starring: Kristina Anapau, Teresa Decher, and Brett Donowho

The Box (2007) – Starred as Tommy Blaine

Written and Directed by A.J. Kparr

Produced by Brett Donowho and F.X. Vitolo

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Giancarlo Esposito, Yul Vazquez, A.J. Buckley, James Madio, Brett Donowho, and RZA

Streaming free on Vudu (with ads).

Music Within (2007) – Starred as McMahon


Directed by Steven Sawalich

Written by Bret McKinney, Mark Andrew Olsen, and Kelly Kennemer

Produced by Brett Donowho and Steven Sawalich

Starring: Melissa George, Ron Livingston, and Michael Sheen

Available for rent from Amazon.

The Graveyard (2006) – Supporting role as Camper

Written by Michael Hurst, Directed by Michael Feifer

Produced by Michael Feifer

Starring: Brett Donowho, Mark Salling, Erin Reese, and Natalie Denise Sperl